Siirry sisältöön

Our story

The founders of Top Star Finland Oy, Pekka Uotila, Jarmo Kinnunen and Veikka Gustafsson, value nature and sustainable development, without forgetting quality.

While on holiday in Lapland, good friends Pekka and Jarmo wondered how they could create a similar experience for tourists that they themselves enjoyed. The company’s business idea was to build high-quality accommodation in top locations, but in an environmentally friendly way. Expertise in mountain peaks and business was also needed to join the team, which is where outdoor adventurer and mountaineer Veikka Gustafsson came in. The three united in their vision and Top Star Finland Oy was born.

Top Star Finland Oy offers unforgettable experiences in Finland’s clean and beautiful Arctic wilderness, whilst respecting nature.


Pekka has a wealth of experience in holiday cottage rentals, logistics and property development.

Jarmo has been in construction business for three decades as an entrepreneur and municipality official. Top Star uses the new construction technique developed by him.

Veikka is a world famous Finnish mountaineer and more recently, a successful entrepreneur. He also publishes outdoor magazines Riista and Retki.