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The story about us

The founders of Top Star Finland Ltd are Pekka Uotila, Jarmo Kinnunen ja Veikka Gustafsson. Pekka and Jarmo as an old friends for decades asked Veikka to join the team.

The business idea is to build high quality holiday resorts in top locations where people can enjoy pure and beautifull finnish arctic nature with respect. Veikka fits great in this idea as an mountaineer and outdoorman.


Pekka’s backround is in logistics, property development and he has also practiced holiday cottage rental business for decades.

Veikka is a world famous finnish mountaineer and nowadays a serial entrepreneur. As an outdoorman Veikka is publishing Riista- and Retki magazines.

Jarmo has been in construction business for three decades as an entrepreneur and as municipality official. Top Star uses the new construction technique developed by him.